COVID-19 Protocols

Please know that we are taking every precaution possible to limit contact and ensure social distancing during all your Kindermusik classes.

Some of these precautions include;

  • pre-screening and temperature checks
  • mandatory hand sanitization and mask wearing while standing (children younger than 2-years-old must not wear masks. 
  • pre-packaged class materials upon arrival
  • marked social distance spaces.

Due to the recent Government limitations on group gatherings, we ask that each child is accompanied by only one adult.

To allow for ample transition before the next class, please keep the area clear shortly after your class has finished.

Please know that all instruments are single use for each family and are santizied and sun dried at the end of each day. 


Government COVID-19 Screening Requirements:

If you or anyone in your household has travelled within the last 14 days or been in close contact with anyone that has travelled within the last 14 days please refrain from participating.

If you or anyone in your household has had close contact (less than 2 meters/6 feet), or prolonged contact (more than 2-3 minutes) with someone who is known or suspected to have COVID-19, please stay at home.

Similarly, if you or anyone in your household has any of the following symptoms to please remain at home; fever, chills, cough (either new or different than your usual cough), sore throat, shortness of breath, or any other flu-like symptoms. 


Travel Policy Reccommendation:

The Ministry of Health advises against any non-essential travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. If families have travelled, they may return to class after they recieve their negative day 14 test result. If it is a child who has travelled and does not need to test, the testing schedule of their parent or guardian must be followed to attend class.