COVID-19 Protocols

Please know that we are taking every precaution possible to limit contact and ensure social distancing during all your Kindermusik classes.

Some of these precautions include;

  • pre-screening on arrival
  • Mandatory hand sanitization and Mandatory mask wearing at all times (children younger than 2-years-old must not wear masks). 
  • Single use instruments with enhance cleaning and disinfecting
  • Marked social distance spaces
  • Ensures proper ventilation in the facility, open windows for increased air flow and outdoor classes when available.

Due to the recent Government limitations on group gatherings, we ask that each child is accompanied by only one adult.

To allow for ample transition before the next class, please keep the area clear shortly after your class has finished.

Please know that all instruments and class materials are deep cleaned and laundered between each use. 

Travel Policy Reccommendation:

The Ministry of Health advises against any non-essential travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. If families have travelled, they may return to class after they recieve their negative day 8 test result. If it is a child who has travelled and does not need to test, the testing schedule of their parent or guardian must be followed to attend class. Please see below for further details regarding travellers. 

Latest Update from the Bermuda Government (April 26, 2021) -  Please note the following information has been obtained from the Bermuda Government’s website (

Effective immediately, all travellers to Bermuda who are arriving from Brazil, India or South Africa or who have visited Brazil, India or South Africa in the 14 days before they arrive in Bermuda must quarantine in their accommodation for fourteen days. They may only be released from quarantine after receiving a negative result from the Day 14 COVID-19 test. In this case, quarantine relates to the property at which the traveler is accommodated, if the traveller is immunised, however if the traveler is not immunized they must stay in the room.
Immunised Travellers:

Please note that the new rules apply solely to those who have had 2 vaccines at least 2 weeks prior to landing in Bermuda.
At this time, Children are not able to be vaccinated and therefore all families who have travelled or have visitors staying in their household, should follow the Day 8 negative test rule. 
As always, we continue to follow the Government guidelines to minimize risk to our students and staff.
Please refer to the latest Government guidelines. Government's Quick Guide for Travellers: Click here
Non-immunised Travellers:

As per Government requirements for non-immunised travellers:
  • Government now requires all who are tested due to travel to return after 3 negative COVID-19 tests, at the earliest Day 8, after receipt of a negative test result.
Please note the following:
  • Children under 10 are not required to test. If parents are positive or negative at any point, they are treated the same as their parents.
  • If household member has travelled or overseas guests are staying with you, the 3 negative COVID-19 tests requirement applies (i.e. Day 8). Even though after a second test (pre-arrival and upon arrival), they are allowed to shop and dine out. This is due to the Government deeming schools and childcare activities as a medium risk. For instances where overseas guests depart before a Day 8 test, the child must wait until what would have been the guest’s Day 8 test and can only return thereafter (showing no symptoms).
  • Per Government requirements, please note that families should not meet returning travellers until following the Day 8 negative test even though the returning traveller may be allowed to leave their home.
  • Effective June 6th, all non-immunised travelers, including Bermudians and local residents who travel abroad, will be subject to supervised quarantine for 14 days in a Government designated facility at their own expense. In addition to that, the following changes will occur:

    • The time period for a pre-test required for visitors to obtain a travel authorisation will move from 5 days to 3 days, which is in line with the global standard.
    • All immunised travellers who are entering Bermuda, with a negative pre-test, will not be required to quarantine after their negative arrival test, but they will still be required to be tested on days 4, 8 and 14.
    • Immunised residents entering Bermuda without a negative pre-test will be required to quarantine until their day 4 negative test result.
Please refer to the Government guidelines for Non-immunised Travellers: Click here

Click here for "Quick Guide to Return to Work after Travel Recommendations"
As you know, the regulations are subject to change, so please keep abreast of the Government notifications and read the information carefully.

Government COVID-19 Screening Requirements:

If you or anyone in your household has travelled or been in close contact with anyone that has travelled please refrain from participating until a negative day 8 test.

If you or anyone in your household has had close contact (less than 2 meters/6 feet), or prolonged contact (more than 2-3 minutes) with someone who is known or suspected to have COVID-19, please stay at home.

Similarly, if you or anyone in your household has any of the following symptoms to please remain at home; fever, chills, cough (either new or different than your usual cough), sore throat, shortness of breath, or any other flu-like symptoms.